What is Panchakarma & How To Do It At Home

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I first discovered this powerful internal cleansing program when I overheard a girl in my yoga class asking the teacher, “Umm…what is Panchakarma?” As our knowledgeable teacher began explaining this age old Ayurvedic internal healing process, I began to think I could definitely do with a detox”. And with that thought in mind,my research began. Now if you’re sick of…

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8 Stylish Ayurvedic Skin Care Products You Need In Your Bathroom

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Curious to find out the best Ayurvedic skin care products out there? I swear by all things Ayurveda and personally I love how Ayurveda has made a grand comeback in the beauty & skin care scene (despite the fact that it has been around forever). The link between Ayurveda, anti-aging and skin care is becoming important in the beauty & wellness sector. The re-emergence of…

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