60 Soulful Self-Care Ideas (That Won’t Break The Bank!)

60 Soulful Self-Care Ideas (That Won’t Break The Bank!)

I’ve got a whole LOT of self-care ideas for you, because you amazing wonderful person (yes, you!) need a BREAK from all that you do.

Umm, so before I show you my awesome list of self-care ideas, let’s just see why millennial women are making such a fuss about self-care.

Now take a step back and look at your daily life.

Do you feel loved and cared for as you go about your regular routine?

How many hours do you spend every day taking care of stuff for others?

Why is it that the things you’d love to do never happen?

When was the last time you did something fun?

Do you know how it feels to do nothing (yep, nothing)?

I’ll give you no prizes for guessing that all this happens when you choose everything else above yourself. But here at A7, we think a bit differently because we say…

Choose, yourself.

At the heart of our tagline is a simple idea – you are extremely valuable, so take good care of yourself, coz if you don’t, who else will?

I mean, seriously, I need to remind myself this daily and you should too.

Prioritize your self-care activities, prepare your little self-care kit (it can be tea, candles, a journal – anything that makes you relax) and respect yourself.

You see, self-care, is the most logical and intuitive thing to do, so why don’t we do it?

Whether you’re busy city girl or a young mum raising her kids, the pressure of merely surviving day after day gets too much after a point of time. And that’s when self-care takes a backseat.

Forget your complaints and worries, as it’s time to get our self-care GAME ON…

I’m all ready to give myself a dose of unapologetic, shameless self-care. Are you? 

Well, if you’re ready to own your happiness, come along with me coz I’ve jotted down 60 self-care ideas that you’ll find hard to resist:

Social Self-care Ideas

Being active on social media does not really mean that you have a healthy social life. And when you work online or from home, it’s easy to fall into a habit of having more digital interactions that in person ones.

I’m definitely down for these social self-care ideas:

1. When was the last time you went on a spontaneous lunch date with your bestie – meeting a friend face to face is a lot better than texting so pick up the phone and arrange it now.

2. Organise a delicious picnic with friends and all your favourite food. Actually, scratch that, organise a picnic (even if only on the balcony) for yourself.

3. Say no to late night parties. If you’ve got children, late night parties with friends are probably a thing of the past – but what about those late night parties for one (with a bottle of wine!)

4. Do not take anyone too seriously, including yourself (believe me, this one of the most powerful ideas for self-care and will save you a whole lot of headache).

One of my favourite books is the 4 agreements by Miguel Ruiz, especially what he says about not taking anything personally.

self care ideas

5. Give hugs and get hugs. If you’re not the huggy type, feel free to ignore this. But if you’re are, you’ll know few things feel as good as getting and giving hugs.

6. Take a road trip with friends, or even alone. Seriously, get in the car (make sure you have a playlist heaving with your favourite jams) and hit the road.

7. Go on a solo trip for the weekend and meet new people.

I know the idea of going away on your own, then having to start to talking to a bunch of strangers doesn’t sound so relaxing. But sometimes self care is getting out of your comfort zone.

8. Before you sleep or after you wake up, think of 3 relationships you’re grateful for. The go a step further take our your notebook (I’m addicted to Moleskins, and this is the one I use) and write down who you’re grateful for, and why.

9. Send thank you emails or notes to all the wonderful people you love. I know – this is meant to be about self care for you, but I’ve found that showing other people you care and appreciate them, tends to feel real good – which is what self care is about.

10. Invite friends over for Sunday brunch (or if that’s too much, just do tea/coffee and cake)

Here’s a video I really like by Lucy Moon where she shares self-care tips:

Emotional self-care ideas

I don’t know about you but I’m a highly sensitive person and I feel like acknowledging and expressing my emotions is super important if I want to be good overall.

If you’ve been turning away from your feelings for some time now, trust me, doing even a few of these emotional self-care activities will make you feel lighter:

11. Lie back and daydream. Taking time to let your imagination wonder and visualise what you want to have, experience or do isn’t a waste of time. It’s how you get clear on what you desire so you can go after it. Make time.

12. Write in a journal – No matter how you’re feeling, writing always helps you sort out your thoughts & calm down. Bullet journalling seems to be the latest trend in journalling these days, but I still love my moleskin.

13. Do a weekly check-in with close friends. Not on Facebook, but on the phone. I know, so old school.

14. Go on a date with your partner and share forget about the kids, the bills, work – your last argument.

15. Look in the mirror and say find 10 positive things to say about yourself.

16. Let go of relationships that no longer serve your or make you feel good.And remember, it doesn’t always have to be a drama, sometimes the silence says all that needs to be said.

17. Buy yourself a bunch of gorgeous flowers – expensive ones!

self-care tips

18. Make a Not To Do list and stick in on your wall (mine includes stuff like don’t push yourself too hard, don’t tie your happiness to certain outcomes and other habits that I need to unlearn)

19. Write a love letter to yourself. Like with a pen and paper, with a glass of something chilled and low lighting. No, I’m not joking.

20. Do laughter yoga in front of the mirror and crack up! Better still, switch on Youtube and watch some standup you love.

Physical self-care ideas

Practicing some of these physical self-care ideas over the last few years have helped me understand my body and act lovingly towards it. If you’re ready to fall in love with your body then you’ll love these self-care tips?

21. Give yourself a head massage before you go to bed (I use coconut oil in summer and almond oil in winter, needless to say I sleep like a baby).

22. Do a full body massage before you shower (and take your time, don’t rush through it).

If you’re looking for self-care kit ideas, then here’s what you can do – make a nice little bundle of your favorite bath goodies – a rich massage oil, activated water and a luxe scrub.

23. Take a long relaxing bubble bath, and don’t afraid to go heavy on those expensive baths salts you bought.

24. Swim in a pool, lake or the ocean

self-care activities

25. Create your self care box. Mine has a box of Tulsi tea, a divine-smelling candle, an elegant journal and a fountain pen. Simple but effective, every time I open it up, I know I’ve decided to choose, myself.

26. Move and stretch – Roll out your mat do yoga stretches during breaks. This might be a bit odd if you’ve got a boss, but if you’re the boss, pull that mat out and get into a little downward dog.

27. Create a play list of all your favorite songs (yep, include the cheesy 80s music and that Trap ‘ish you like) then dance like no one’s watching.

28. Eat on time without the TV or computer in your face. And make mindful food choices. You’re a rare kind if you find yourself craving veggies (nah me neither) That just means you should make a conscious effort to eat more of ’em.

29. Get an annual medical checkup to make sure you’re in good health

30. Look at your body in a full length mirror (minus the clothes) and say, tell yourself what a hot, sexy, foxy, fine ass woman you are, and that any one would be lucky to have you. Yep! Single or married, these statements are never too much!


self care tips

Mental Self-care Ideas

Mental health is no longer a taboo topic and that’s why using a few mental self-care ideas will do you good.

So, here’s how you can exercise your tiny grey cells and say bye bye to stress

31. Read one page of a book daily that will inspire, uplift or teach you something new every day

32. Draw a picture or doodle for 5 minutes every morning. Remember how much fun drawing was when you where a kid – you didn’t know whether you were good at it or not, just that it was fun.

33. Get a coloring book (yes, there are cool ones for adults too) This is my current fave!


34. Say no wherever it is needed, and be unapologetic about it

35. Create an appreciation envelope – note down all the compliments you get on post-its & put these inside the envelope. Read them when you feel low. I actually have an appreciation teapot, it sits on my fridge.

36. Spend some time alone every day doing nothing. No phone, computer, kids, partner, customer, boss. Just a few minutes all to yourself. Even 2.5 will do.

ideas for self care

37. Shorten your to do list. Like drastically. Take the top three things that have priority to do for that day, and bin the rest.

38. Meditate. Even if you only have 2 minutes and think you suck at meditation, take those two minutes and enjoying sucking at meditation. Next time aim for 3!

39. Lie down in a park and watch clouds with your favourite music playing in your ears. Seriously, get me in a park with clouds and music, and I can be there for hours day dreaming.

40. Switch off your cell phone at night or put it on flight mode

Soulful self-care Ideas

The Internet is full of spiritual advice to better yourself and I’m not going in that direction. All I’m saying is it’s always good to warm your soul & nourish yourself from within. I bet you’ll want to try a few self-care ideas like these:

41. Stay silent for a whole day, no Internet, no social media, no phone, no talking (yes, it’s possible!)

42. Take a long walk in nature

43. Take 5 deep breaths, rub your palms, place them over your eyes & release

44. Slather some coconut oil all over your body (that’s a natural sunscreen) and sunbathe for half an hour

45. Sit on a park bench and stare into nothingness for a while

46. Whenever you feel overwhelmed and have trouble prioritizing, ask yourself, “Will this matter in one year?” If it will, go ahead and do it and if it wont, just drop it.

47. Light your favorite candle and stare at the flame for 5 minutes

self-care kit ideas

48. Smile at a stranger (and don’t get creeped out, hopefully they won’t be creeped out either)

49. Help someone if you can

50. Do a little forgiveness ritual – forgive one person who pissed you off recently

Financial self-care ideas

Never heard of financial self-care? I’m not surprised considering money is not a comfortable topic for many people.

Whether you’re saving up for a dream holiday or repaying your student loans, I’ve got some solid financial self-care advice that you wish someone had told you before:

51. Create an emergency $1000 fund

self-care ideas

52. Buy only what you need and sell whatever you don’t need

53. Repay your loans every month

54. Create a self-care fun envelope and fix an amount your monthly budget allows. Now put some money in it (By the way, that’s going to fund your self-care activities)

55. Write down where you’re spending each day (use an app or just write it down in a notepad)

56. File all your monthly bills on your computer and mark their due dates on your calendar

57. Create a list of all your monthly expenses and stick to them

58. Make a grocery shopping list & eat before you shop (coz if you get hungry while you’re shopping, you might end up eating junk)

59. Millennials love their coffee & spend a lot on it. Make your own tea and coffee at home. Take it out in a reusable cup and thermos if you have to.

60. Make your own chocolate/sweets/cake at home and indulge from time to time.

Now that you’re read through the whole list, I’m sure you’ve found some ideas that you just can’t resist, right!

I’d say don’t waste even a minute and start today with a few easy ideas for self-care. Keep what works for you and let go of what doesn’t, but be sure to have enjoy yourself coz self-care is supposed to be TONS of FUN.

Before you get your self-care game on, do remember to share this post and pin it on Pinterest (after all, self-care is sexy).


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