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A holistic wellness blog and lifestyle brand for women business owners who want to naturally flourish in life and business, without having a burnout.

Before I take you on our sheros journey, here’s what you can expect to find here.

The Apothecary7 blog is bursting with articles on holistic physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing.

You’ll find we have a bias towards Ayurveda – the science of life. And with good reason.

  • Want to know how to optimise your brain, and body, and business, using nature’s way with Ayurvedic herbs? We’ve got the scoop.
  • Need practical, non-patronising advice on how to find more balance, play, and self care in your life and biz (before you burn out) I got you.
  • Wonder how you can do more than just go to yoga, but actually live it – union – in your personal and professional life? There’s a few things I’ve learnt, I’d love to share!

If your interest is piqued, then kick off your shoes and get comfy, you’re the reason we exist. But… if you’re…

A delicate little snowflake. Scared of the truth. More of a victim than a warrior?

Then move along, there’s nothing to see here.

As interspersed between in-depth how-to articles and educational resources on Ayurvedic wellness, you’ll also find:

  • Soulful, raw, unfiltered stories of inspiring women entrepreneurs who lost balance, lost their way, and found it again

Think of these stories as therapy. For you. And for the authors. We are legion.

Hi, I’m Stacey,

A location independent British woman, no kids (yet), and the eldest of 7.

A lover of dirty deep house music, red lips, bedazzled sequin vintage frocks, and lying in hammocks. I’m also the founder of Apothecary7, and Brazen Profit Lab.

And if you’ll humour me, I’d like to share a small window into my personal life.

You might even call it the A7 genesis story.

Let’s travel back in time.

It started with a sneaky little (okay, major) burnout.

9 months of being unable to concentrate, commit, feel good, or adult.

I sucked at life and I didn’t know why.

Yes, I’d lived with insomnia for fifteen years.

Yes, I worked more hours for myself than I’d ever worked for a boss – or was particularly healthy.

And yes, my diet was rubbish.

But, somehow, throughout all that I’d managed to just keep keeping on. Year after year.

Until one day my body said, nah.

I’m done.

If you’re not going to recognise my worth, value and divinity, I’m on a hiatus.

The journey begins….

I was useless.

Unable to concentrate on anything for more than 5 minutes.

And as my productivity, vitality, and enthusiasm diminished day by day, so did my business, bank balance, and peace of mind.

See, what knowone tells you when you decide to go out on your own is how exhausting, confusing, and isolating entrepreneurship can be sometimes.

What came after was….

the tentative childlike, soul searching steps of a woman lost but determined to re-connect with her heart, soul, and spirit. Her purpose and zest for life.

Months of work with a holistic nutritionist, thanks Joe.

Hours of journalling in my Integrative Nutrition Journal, again, thanks Joe.

Lots of yoga (okay, a little).

Titrating myself off of powerful prescription sleep medication.

The journey was rocky.

There was lots of wine, tears, and generally feeling shit.

Starts and stops.

A little progress, then a rapid decent into worse shape than where I’d come from. Maybe you can relate?

See, despite my mind’s best logic, I couldn’t seem to find the methods, answers, and practices that would allow me to move into the life I wanted. At least not anything that would stick.

I’d tried to eliminate my truck load of bad habits using willpower alone.

I tried the self help books.

I tried the therapists. And none of it had worked. None of it.

I couldn’t let go of the old stories.

The old habits.

The old mental conditioning.

Or, the old outcomes. Even though I hated them and, at times, myself.

I think somewhere, some deep dark dirty part of me didn’t believe I deserved to be successful. So when success was on the horizon, I sabotaged it.

Then it all came to a head…

I woke up one morning after a night of heavy partying – you know, the kind you do when you want to numb the pain away. And enough was ENOUGH.

I grabbed my Mac (yep, at this time it was still allowed in the bedroom) and booked a flight to Asia.

Leaving in 4 weeks. For 3.5 months.

To some it will sound drastic. Irresponsible. Like I was running away instead of facing things head on.

But I knew I had to do something.

Go somewhere.

Shake up every single thing that made sense (or non-sense) in my life, so I could come back to a place of equilibrium.

This wasn’t a flight of fancy, but a fight for my soul’s survival.

The daughter of an addict.

A child who didn’t know her father.

A woman who had been abandoned, hurt and rejected.

There were parts of me so damaged, so ugly and so desperate, at times I couldn’t stand to see my own reflection. And all this broken-ness – was seeping through the cracks of my life and my business, despite my best efforts to hide it.

I was sick. Emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally, except… I didn’t look it.

The funny thing was this hot mess came wrapped up in dope shoes. Edgy outfits. An outgoing personality. And what seemed like a charmed life and business.

Drowning in my ‘location independent’ business. Instead of freedom squared, I found myself chained to my computer; often working till 3am.

Only those closest to me knew how close to the edge I was.

I knew that if I wanted to change the way I was experiencing life and the way I ran my business, I would need to change my thoughts, my words, my habits – and not just my actions.

This would require radical self love, acceptance and a boat load of compassion. Foreign. Fucking. Concepts – at least when applied to myself.

In a moment of deep clarity (read hours of watching TED talks, asking the uncomfortable questions, and isolating myself from the world) it dawned on me.

I could no longer look outside for answers.

It was time to write my own prescription for a happy, vital and fulfilled life and business.

And if that took going to those deep, dark, confrontational places so many of us desperately try to avoid, then so be it.

I would need to trust that I had the capability to identify what was needed for my healing, and had the response-ability to take right action. That who I was, and what I had, right now, was enough.

I took ownership of my life.

Life has continued to delight, surprise and challenge me since that divine moment.

I’ve evangelised, back slid, fallen into doubt, pushed myself too hard, and self rejected on numerous occasions. But my commitment to this path, to myself, has not changed.

In fact, at times, it’s been the only thing I’ve had to hold on to.

The natural skin care, and bath & body products within the Apothecary7 range were first and foremost my gift to myself. An act of devotion. Kindness – Ahimsa. Care.

The time it took to research, create, screw it up, and keep going, were a test of my patience. The process has been full of detours and ditches.

But in hindsight I realise it was just the universe whispering:

slow down, explore, play, do the deep work, make mistakes, it’s okay. You’re okay

Honestly, there were times when I felt like screaming, SCREW YOU UNIVERSE! 

The go-getter hustler in me wants everything done yesterday.

But I’m not arrogant enough to think I’m alone in my dis-ease.

That I’m the only ambitious entrepreneurial woman  dashing through life, plummeting into hell, emerging for a quick breath, then diving back under again.

Using work, travel, family, commitments, business, anything at all as an excuse to check out of my own life.

Allowing tired painful stories from the past, to sabotage my future.

I realise I’m not the only one who second-guesses whether I have time for yoga, that face masque, or nap- with all the damn things on my to-do list for today.

That I’m not alone in desiring better. More. Less. Peace.

That’s why I know what I’m creating with Apothecary7 – it’s a work in progress – isn’t just for me.


It’s for every woman who has felt or continues to feel just like I did. And I use the present tense, because I’ve not arrived at any destination.

There isn’t an end insight.

It’s an ongoing journey of self: recovery, respect and remembrance. And that’s okay.

Apothecary7 is for every woman who has pushed her self too hard.

Sought the validation and acceptance of others, before she gave it to her self.

Made self rejection something she does so habitually she’s not even aware that at some point she lost herself.

I see you mama.

It’s for every woman who needs a reaffirmation of her power.

Her purpose.

And that she is, in fact, fully response-able to create the very life experience her highest most connected self wishes to have.

Slow. Intentional. Ritualistic. Messy. It’s a reminder that you are enough, just as you are. Right now.


From the mindful mixture of ingredients in every product in the Apothecary7 (A7, as I call it) range, which will be rolling out over the next few months.

To the lifestyle products, cherry-picked to infuse more balance, joy, calm and self care into your existence. Every element has been chosen with intention.

It’s a gift to life.

A love note over a techno beat.

And the celebration of something truly sacred, you.

But first, you must…

choose, yourself.


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